Connecting bearing technology suppliers, end-user buyers and the entire industrial bearing supply chain

The Bearing Show is Europe’s first dedicated free-to-attend, in-person exhibition and conference – connecting bearing technology providers with the full range of end-user buyers, as well as the entire technology, equipment and materials supply chains.

The show will provide visitors with a comprehensive showcase of bearing technologies for industrial applications, including complete bearings, condition monitoring, lubrication, testing & analysis, design & engineering, equipment, materials and components.

Engineers and managers from Automotive, Marine, Energy, Aerospace, Rail, Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Medical and Food industries will for the first time, have access to a dedicated free-to-attend exhibition and conference that provides the latest bearing technology and information.

Co-located together with Lubricant Expo – Europe’s largest lubricant technology exhibition and conference – these events offer a unique opportunity for business development, solution sourcing and networking. These events expect a combined participation of 300+ exhibitors and 4,500 buyers, engineers and executives in attendance.

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