Interview with Murat Erturk, Chief Executive at OAVCO

OAV Air Bearings is a leading manufacturer of advanced Air Bearing technology and motion systems. Please tell us how you differ from other bearing companies? First of all, air bearings are different from conventional bearings. Our air bearings are non contact, frictionless, with no limitations on design. Other companies are limited by factors like temperature,… Continue

Exhibitor Press Release: JESA SA

JESA SA, is a company specialized in the design, development and production of customized bearings and integrated bearing assemblies. The company was founded by Joseph Egger in 1969 and begun trading in ball bearings before starting its own bearing production factory in 1971. JESA markets its solutions worldwide in sectors as varied as the automotive,… Continue

Interview with Dr Matthias Walkowiak, Chief Engineer at ENVISION Group

There are many different divisions throughout ENVISION, from Energy, EV Batteries and Digital services. How does this fit within the bearings industry? ENVISION is a leading green technology company with focus not only on the transformation of wind energy into carbon free electrical energy, but also on the storage and distribution of such green energy… Continue

Interview with Dr. Jens Dörner, European R&D Director at NSK DEUTSCHLAND GMBH

NSK’s mission statement is to “contribute to a safer, smoother society and to help protect the global environment through its innovative technology integrating Motion & Control™”. Please explain what this means and how this is continually achieved at NSK? To answer this in detail, we must look at the way NSK conducts its research and… Continue

Bearings from NKE for wind turbine gearboxes and generators

Steyr, Austria, March 2022. NKE Austria GmbH designs and manufactures bearings for wind turbine gearboxes and generators. Built to last: highest-quality bearings for wind turbines Wind turbines cannot be serviced easily. This is why the components of the gearbox, especially the bearings, must be exceptionally reliable. The most common bearings used in a wind gearbox… Continue

Exclusive Interview with Florian Hudelmaier, Managing Director at Wieland Group

The Bearing Show interviewed Florain Hudelmaier, Managing Director at Wieland Group. They discussed how Wieland have remained at the forefront of the industry, how they are achieving sustainability goals and what attendees should expect to see at their stand at the show.

Precision Lubrication with LUBExpert; SDT Ultrasounds Solutions

Implementation of an ultrasonic lubrication program in a paper mill to acoustically grease bearings right. The LUBExpert system has allowed the maintenance team to shift away from unreliable calendar-based lubrication to on-condition lubrication with instant feedback to the technician as each bearing is greased. Dryer section felt rolls – previously greased on a time-based schedule… Continue

NKE Austria Appoints New Managing Director, Matthias Ortner

Steyr, Austria, March 2022. Bearing specialist NKE Austria GmbH has a new Managing Director: Matthias Ortner, previously the Deputy Managing Director, was appointed Managing Director of the Steyr-based bearing manufacturer with effect from 2022. “In this role, Matthias Ortner will continue to drive NKE Austria’s business operations forward in the same proven, reliable manner, while… Continue