2023 Conference Preview

A Small Selection of Conference Sessions and Speakers You Will Find at The Bearing Show This Year.


Andreas Dodos

Chemical Engineer at Eldon's SA

Jeroen van Dorp

Commercial Manager at ChainCraft

Dennis Eijdenberg

Technical Support Manager at Axel Christiernsson

Apu Gosalia

Sustainability Expert Adviser at Senator at Senate of Economy and Partner at Fokus Zukunft

Annie Jarquin

Vice President, Energy Management Consulting Practice at Kline

Jean-Marie Boissière

Metalworking Specialist at TotalEnergies Lubrifiants

Pär Nyman

Technical Manager Transmission and Axle Oil at Scania

Anders Pettersson

Global Lubricant Coordinator at Volvo Construction Equipment

Gemma Stephenson

Industry Relationship Specialist at Cargill

Dr. Sarma Volety

Senior Tribologist at Tata steel UK

Track 1: Sustainability, Economy, Life-Cycle and Supply

Track 2: Developments for Industrial Customers

Thursday 26th September, 2024

09.30 am -
10.40 am

Keynote: The Lubricant Industry in 2023: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?

11.10 am -
12.25 pm

Managing the Cost of Industry Change: Balancing Economic Sustainability with Environmental Sustainability

12.30 pm -
12.55 pm

Supporting Transport & Industry Customers to Reach Carbon Neutrality

13.55 pm -
15.05 pm

Lubricant Regulation: Unveiling Opportunities and Effective Navigation

15.20 pm -
16.30 pm

Overcoming Sustainability Fatigue: Unlocking Business Value and Learning from Diverse Industries

Track 1: Performance Leaps for Automotive

Track 2:  R&D and Innovations

Friday 27th September, 2024

09.30 am -
10.40 am

Meeting the Complex Needs of Tomorrows Heavy Duty Architectures – Solutions for a Diverse Range of Powertrain Technologies

12.25 pm -
12.55 pm

Evaluation of New Proprietary Organic Friction Reducer Additives – Decreasing Environmental Impact in The Mobility Sector

14:45 pm -
15.05 pm

Greases for the Automotive Sector

15.20 pm -
15.40 pm

Countermeasures Against Electrical Erosion in 800V EV Drivetrains

15.45 pm -
16.05 pm

Determination of Nitrite Levels in Engine Coolant by UV/Vis Spectroscopy

16.10 pm -
16.30 pm

A New Automotive Test Methodology – Friction Performance Assessment of Greases and Fluids for Electric Drivetrain

Track 1: Maintenance & Industrial Plants

Track 2: Solutions Enabling Higher Performance

Saturday 28th September, 2024

09.30 am -
10.40 am

The Maintenance Manager’s Lubrication Masterclass Series: Part 1 – Easy Wins for Your Lubrication Program

11.10 am -
11.30 am

Alkylated Naphthalene – Synergetic Booster for High Performance Formulations

12.30 pm -
12.55 pm

Creating a High-Performance Culture: Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in the Lubricants Industry